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Line Magazine


Objective: A team work to create articles and advertisements for a brand new design magazine that is targeting designers. The mission is to demonstrate different aspects of design field locally and  internationally. The articles should be designed for both printing and digital version.


Solution: The articles that I have designed are focusing on the design fields in which not practiced in our region, such as designing for lighting festivals, design for colour blinds and visually impaired individuals, and an article about unequally employment between genders in design industry. Illustration of articles and photography have been done by me as well. The following slides display some of my works in line magazine. Digital version is designed by DPS. 

Story Book


Objective:To create an illustrated story book for the optional age range along with the animated story in after effect.


Solution: For this project I chose the age range between five to nine years old. For the illustration I used  adobe Illustrator. The story is written by me as well. Hard cover is used for book binding. For the second part of assignment I used After effect to animate my illustrator along with the sound effect and voice of story teller.

Annual Report




Objective: To create an Annual report for Bahrain Polytechnic University as part of our assignment in a formal/young tone.


Solution: To create this Annual report (formal tone) I applied my own design and photographs (team work & individual) along with the current information of this University. My design inspiration came from the mission and vision of this organization, which was training a new generation of students in order to develop and modernize kingdom of Bahrain.

Red colour and its tint is chosen due to its association with Bahraini flag.

Applied pattern represents this University.

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