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Typography Poster


This poster demonstrates Italic typeface

Objective: To create  a set of triptych posters that represent different weights and styles of a chosen typeface without applying shapes and forms.


Solution: "Baskerville" was my chosen typeface. After I did my research about his life and his journey to create this type face, I chose this concept to  depict this typeface. All the figures and shapes are created with different styles and weights of this beautiful typeface.The poster is animated in after effect as well. 

Musical Poster


"Symphony No.5 in C minor"

  Ludwig Van Beethoven

Objective: To create a set of triptych posters that recall for three different genre of musical concerts. They include the symphony of Beethoven, Jazz concert of Thelonius Monk and Arabic concert of Farid Al-Atrash 

Solution:  After doing my research about those types of music, the required songs and the composers, I designed my posters as following.

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