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Icon & Illustration

Objective: My objective is to create a set of icons for the HelloHero brand that capture the spirit of the company while providing a modern and recognizable visual aesthetic. The icons should be simple, yet meaningful, and should be able to be used on a variety of different platforms.

Solution: The icons have been designed to be used on both digital and print platforms, meaning they must be easy to scale and adapt to different sizes. Additionally, I ensured that the icons are optimized for multiple resolutions, so that they look sharp in any environment. Finally, I used a variety of colors to create a unique and recognizable look for the HelloHero brand.


Objective: My objective of this project was to create a set of consistent illustrations that convey the Hellohero brand mission visually to their target audiences. This brand provide online mental health therapy, and related services to all US schools and academies.


Relationship Managers


Care Coordinators

Solution: Illustration is an important part of any brand, helping to convey the brand message in an eye-catching and memorable way. At [HelloHro], I created illustrations that help to engage customers and communicate the brand’s identity. I use the brand’s color range and icons to create visual designs that accurately represent the brand’s voice.


Icon & Illustration

Objective: The objective of creating a set of icons for the Francescos restaurant is to give the brand a recognizable identity. The icons should be simple, yet memorable, to ensure that users can easily recognize them. They should be designed to be used on both digital and print platforms. Furthermore, the icons should be versatile enough to be used in a variety of different contexts like menu as well. 

Solution: Based on client's request the icons designed to look organic , so designed it like hand drawn with the brand color palette.  However, the illustration for packages look a bit different. 

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