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Objective: To cooperate for creating a set of collaterals for HelloHero brand, include designing and ideation for  brand guideline book, brochure in form o postcards, animation, icons, illustration, typography, animation, and website design in order to provide guideline for employees, when they are producing materials related to this brand. Examples need to be provided about how the brand elements should be used through different channels of communication. In this Project RachelBerryStudio was creator of the logo and brand assets (colors and typeface choice), and I was as a junior graphic designer contributed to design the mentioned above after her approval.

Solution: Due to brand mission which was providing online therapy and related services for schools and community, we decided to incorporate different parts of the US society in the design process. The brand color, typography, animation, and black and white shade in some places were considered to be applied in this big project. 


A collection of postcards was designed instead of a brochure that represented a variety of HelloHero services.The goal was to create a design that is not only informative but can also be kept as a postcard.


The 50 pages brand book contains complete guideline for the brand.


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