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Bachelor of Visual Design

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Objective: To create a brand identity for a Bahraini visual design college, in order to provide guideline for employees, when they are producing materials related to this brand. It is also providing examples about how the brand elements should be used through different channels of communication. 

Brand: The logo is made of two components, logo and logotype. It is a combination of critical thinking symbol and Bahraini traditional design which both are valued by this brand. Colour red implies the sense of power and energy.


New Design

Objective: To create a brand identity for a carpet & curtain shop that also supplies lighting appliances, with the brand name “New Design”. The stationary is required for this brand


Brand: To create the logo, I tried to use the initial letters, but I wanted to show some aspects of the job appears in the logo as well. For that reason I depicted the blind curtain & the tilt wand in the logo. For the logotype I used both Arabic & English typefaces in the same approach on right side of logo. Color is chosen based on customer’s request.



Objective: To create a brand identity for a new stablished high quality frame making store along with stationary.


Brand: The brand name (logotype) is written as one word with capital letters to add extra emphasis to the logo. The letters A and W are designed to imply the shape of a frame and are tilted to give depth and a 3D effect. The Arabic typography style has been chosen to match the Latin typeface. Limited colors have been applied to convey the sense of contrast and elegance of the wood frame to the viewer.

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