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Kinetic Typography


Objective: To design a motion graphic  of our typography poster project,  by only using the chosen typeface.


Solution: Since my chosen type face was Baskerville, I decided to depict the founder's life story (John Baskerville) in which caused to create his own typeface through this short animation. There were three stages in his life which represented through posters (Advertising) and this kinetic typography movie. The choice of music was classical to be consistent with that period of time, and to be more harmonious with the movie.

Gender Stereotypes in Advertisements


Objective: This project represents one of my designs for my final project about Role of advertisements in gender stereotypes in Bahrain. Although it has been observed in most parts of the world; I wanted to investigate through my research of existence of this phenomenon in our area as well. Based on my quantitative data (survey) it revealed that many people have noticed it through many adverts. I wanted by designing two sets of triptych posters to give awareness to my target audiences about this issue and its long term effect on perception of society towards genders' roles.The designed campaign is showcasing through posters, billboard social media and short movies. Here is one of my movies related to one set of posters I designed for this awareness campaign.  

Animated poster


One f my articles in our magazine project was about designing for visually impaired individuals. For the digital version I made a poster with both normal font and braille font, then I animated it in After Effect. Due to displaying it  in digital magazine the duration was short. The phrase was quoted by "Joanne Furio"who is one of the few blind architects in the world.

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